Welcome to TRU Tribe Team

A community of women who build each other up & celebrate finish lines we never thought possible!

Are you tired of
hating running?
Do you want to learn to
love running?  

Have you ever had these thoughts before?  
  • I'm not a real runner....I walk in my runs so that must mean I am not a runner.....🚶🏼‍♀️
  • I'm not a real runner.....I am "just" a jogger....🏃🏽‍♀️ 
  • I'm too overweight to be a runner....😲
  • I'm too old to be a runner.....👵🏼
  • I've been dabbling in this running thing but I don't know what I'm doing, I'm getting hurt, and it's not fun......but I really want to like it...😳
  • Running is just too hard so it MUST not be for me....🤬
  • I wish running would be easier....🏃🏽‍♀️
  • I wish I could find a group of ladies who enjoy walking/hiking/running but aren't so intimidating and competitive.....🤔  

If these sound familiar, 

then WE are your people! 

What is TRU Tribe Team? 

We are an interactive, supportive, online community of women walkers and runners who want to learn, train and grow together.  

  • We are women walkers & runners of ALL shapes and sizes. 
  • We are women walkers & runners of ALL ages . 
  • We are women walkers & runners of ALL levels, from Age Group Award Winners to back of the packers.
  • We are women walkers and runners who want to lift each other up, keep doing what we love and celebrate finish lines we never thought possible......for the rest of our lives.

Want to meet some of our members? Click here to meet some of our TRU Tribe Team Members!

What does TRU stand for? The Running University!

Why You Should Join Us

I invite you to join the TRU TRIBE!  Why?  Here are some of the perks for joining:

  • 2 WEEK Free Trial! You have nothing to lose!
  • Online Resource Library: articles, videos, meditations, workouts, etc to help you be the best runner you can be.  Topics include:  Beginner Runners, ChiRunning/ChiWalking Technique, Motivation & Mental Training, Strength Training and More!
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges:  Wellness challenges to help us focus  on our running and life goals. We've varied from a 7-Day Photo Challenge to a Spring Cleaning Challenge.
  • Daily Interaction and Accountability with Coach Lisa and TRU Tribe members:  share your running journey and life experiences with other members, ask questions, inspire others and get inspired!  Set weekly goals and be held accountable.  Stay connected and and top of your goals weekly with us!   
  • Special Discounts for TRU TRIBE members only:  
    • 52% off ChiSchool Silver Membership
    • 15% off Kogalla lights
    • 20% off The Running University services
    • and more.....

  • Zoom "Happy Hours":  Zoom "Happy Hours" with various topics from our Monthly Mixer to strength training workouts to "ask Coach Lisa anything". 
  • Monthly Guest speakers:  Have ranged from Mirna Valerio, The Mirnavator to Courtney Dauwalter. 
  • First Dibs & lowest prices on Ladies Training Programs (online and in person)
  • Online Courses:  including How To Fall In Love with Running (Again), How To Pace Your Run,  and Walk and Run: Shake It Up 
  • Monthly Run + Social: for local peeps
  • Access Via Desktop or Mobile App.  I love the app!
  • 2 WEEK FREE TRIAL! You have nothing to lose!

What TRU Tribe Run Team Members are saying...

"I really like that it’s away from social media. What makes it different from social media groups is that I feel more comfortable posting here. I don’t get wrapped scrolling along on social media while looking at my running information." Sonia G

"Love the group.  All the comments and suggestions are so helpful and inspiring.  Great forum for staying in touch with the running focus." Cindy R

"I love motivation Monday and feel Good Friday posts to see everyone’s plans for the week and happy moments on Friday. Also like checking in to see who is running the same events as me. Great to have a location to check for upcoming TRU events I might like to sign up for ❤️" Jan R

What do you like the most about TRU Tribe Run Team?

  • 1) Information regarding events, classes, etc. 2) Because I am not on Facebook, Twitter, etc., this is a great way for me to stay in contact and get updates. 3) Articles and videos relevant to not only running, but health & wellness.
  • Ease of the system, ways to interact with others
  • Lisa 🙂 , connecting with others, the course
  • I definitely like the all in one forum, the camaraderie that is immediately created; I also like the different groups and options.
  • Loved seeing other people's answers to things - feels so much like we all share same goals struggles and successes.
  • I like the creating community aspect and how all the information relates to women in general. I love learning from others as all are able to contribute information.
  • I liked the course a lot (Fall In Love With Running (Again)). The questions were thought provoking. I liked seeing other people's responses.
  • Loved the course, conversing with others and goal setting with happy hour meeting
  • Made me accountable for goals, supportive
  • I love that this platform is away from social media, bringing women runners together, and all the motivation and inspiration this platform gave us.

Come and hang out with us for a few weeks for free and see for yourself.
We'd love to meet you! 🤗😊
Let's celebrate finish lines we never
thought possible! 🥳 

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