Welcome to TRU Tribe Team

An interactive, supportive, online community of women learning, moving and growing together.

You've been taking care of everyone else most of your life....

now it's time for YOU!   

  • We are women walkers & runners of ALL shapes and sizes. 
  • We are women walkers & runners mostly 50+ years old. 
  • We are women walkers & runners of ALL levels, from Age Group Award Winners to back of the packers.
  • We are women walkers and runners who want to lift each other up, keep doing what we love and celebrate finish lines we never thought possible......for the rest of our lives.

 We are the right fit for you if:

  • If you believe you can do whatever you put your mind to regardless of your age…
  • If you believe it's time for you to start living your best life…
  • If you believe it's finally time to make you a priority….
  • If you're tired of your “friends” telling you you're too old to do “that”….
  • If you believe you are a fabulous woman over 50 and want to hang out with other like minded women just like you and live your best life ……

If these sound familiar, WE are your people! 

What is TRU Tribe Team? 

We are an interactive, supportive, online community of women walkers and runners who want to learn, move and grow together.  

What's inside?

I invite you to join the TRU TRIBE!  Why?  Here are some of the perks for joining:

Online Resource Library

You will find articles, videos, meditations, workouts and more about walking, running and personal growth.  

Daily/Weekly Discussions

Join our community that learns from each other by sharing insights on our exclusive platform (we are NOT on facebook!). You are encouraged to ask questions and share your walking, running and life experiences.

Learn together, move together, grow together!

"I really like that it’s away from social media. What makes it different from social media groups is that I feel more comfortable posting here. I don’t get wrapped scrolling along on social media while looking at my running information." Sonia G

Monthly Guest Speakers

We have a guest speaker every month on a a wellness topic. Speakers have ranged from Mirna Valerio, The Mirnavator , Author Nita Sweeney to Ultra Runner of The Year Courtney Dauwalter.

Monthly Challenges

We have a theme every month and do challenges for fun and personal growth and prizes. These are some of our past challenges:

  • 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge: Share what you are grateful for every day via pictures
  • March Adventure Challenge: Complete as many of the 10 challenges as possible. Each challenge had something to do with being adventurous, curious and trying things for the first time! Cath Wallis was also our guest speaker in March since the theme was Adventure.
    • For example: find a workout on You Tube you've never done before, do it , share it in the comments and tell us about it. 

"I like the creating community aspect and how all the information relates to women in general. I love learning from others as all are able to contribute information."

Online Courses

Our self-paced online courses are included in your monthly membership and are created with you specifically in mind. You can do these at your own pace or with a friend in the community. Some of these include:

  • Walk and Run: Shake It Up: Learn different ways to shake up your running or walking routine by trying these 6 different ideas.
  • Fall in Love with Running (Again): Learn ways to get back into a walking or running routine after you've taken some time off.

"I liked the course a lot (Fall In Love With Running (Again)). The questions were thought provoking. I liked seeing other people's responses."

Mini Tribes

Find even deeper connections with smaller interest specific groups. 

"I definitely like the all in one forum, the camaraderie that is immediately created; I also like the different groups and options."

Special Discounts for TRU TRIBE members only 

Monthly Zoom "Happy Hours"

Meet with a monthly Zoom Happy Hour covering various topics from consistency to work/life balance to "ask Coach Lisa anything".

First Dibs on TRU TRIBE DIY & PLUS Training Tiers

Go deeper with group coaching, training and accountability level - limited spots available.

Access Via Desktop or Mobile App.  

We love the app!

But don't take my word for it, word on the street is...... 😍

We are a small and might community of women 50+ who walk and run for physical, mental and spiritual health.

What are you waiting for?
We'd love to meet you! 🤗😊

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